Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Help I Need Curriculum?

All my children went to school when we moved to West Tennessee. After two years the boys came to me, just weeks before school was to start, and said they wanted to be homeschooled. OK, a year after the kids went to school my husband encouraged me to return as well. I had started to get an associates in business and now would be a good time to back. Besides I could do school online and be at home if the kids needed me for anything.

I was never a good student and loved the fact that I was encouraged to take one class at a time. While it meant it would take three years instead of two to earn my associates, it was great just focusing on one subject. I was determined for once in my life to get good grades and worked hard, sometimes working from morning until midnight on an assignment to make sure it was the best.

So, when will I have time to school the boys? What will I use?

I told the boys I love you both and if this is what you want we will make it work. So, I ordered curriculum, but it would not arrive in time to start the school year. So, I went to the internet and found multiple sights for printables. That was the year my boys in 3rd and 5th grade became independent learners. I explained to them I had school work to do also and that I felt they could read and follow the directions however, I told them if they needed my help I would be there.

I found a variety of sites, but there were a few I returned time after time while we waited for the curriculum.

Technology is a great site because there are various subjects and grade levels and it is one of the most extensive sites I have found.

TLS Books at the time we used this site it was pre-k through 5t they have since included 6th and multi grade section. It was one of the few sites that cursive handwriting sheets that I liked.

There was one I used just for Brett Learning A-Z, we used this site mainly for science. However, this site has greatly changed since then. You can sign up for the newsletter and receive free samples and use it for 7 days free. Wow total bummer, it was great to have been able to use the whole site for free.

Over the years I shared all my links through Free Servers. Recently I found that it no longer works for me and have switched some of the links to a new server here. Please stop and take a look there is a lot there and more to come. I can not believe how many links I still have on this computer.

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