Saturday, August 6, 2011

What is a Schedule?

I have said it before and I will say it again, we are eclectic homeschoolers. Not only does our curriculum change from year to year, but we do not test, finish books or use schedules. I can just see all those organized, testing, book finishing homeschool moms saying what???? I could never.

Well, that is OK. However, with Brandon going into 9th grade studies and the boys being independent learners I feel it is time for a schedule. Not only because Brandon will be doing 9th grade work, but last year I found out Brett was going back in his math book doing skipped pages never learning what he should have been. I had told him to skip the concepts he already mastered and to move forward in the book, there was obviously a communication gap. Oh did I mention I do not check work on a daily basis, oh no more head shaking going on.

It is always important that due to a relocation last year was the worst homeschool year we have had since beginning in 1997. So, I was slacking more than usual. So, this year I need to make a plan of the concepts which Brett needs to grasp and be sure I have everything Brandon needs to successfully complete his 9th grade work.

So, I am turning to two sites for help, Donna Young if you have never been to her site you are totally missing something and Cindy Downes. Oh and I have to mention Lee Benz The Homescholar for various homeschool forms also.

Well, this was interesting I just read through a sample homeschool schedule and it is nothing like we have been doing, except Fridays was our art and music days. Other wise the boys did all their subjects Monday through Thursday.

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