Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Best Holiday Gifts for Kids

The holidays are fast approaching and what better gift to give this year than a book. With over 1,400 books to chose from you are sure to find something that interests the child/children in your life. Did you know you can create a wish list on Usborne Books and More? You and your child/children or you can select the products you are interested in and than let family members know about it. This is great for those who live out of town and never know what to get.

You may want to also host an e-show and earn some free holiday gifts also. It's easy and I will help you with emails to send out and the best thing is you don't have clean the house and prepare food. You can still utilize your wish list, so you can get even more with those ordering from your wish list.

Select from products for 0-Junior High, our products are geared towards education along with interests a child may have.

So, when can I schedule your e-show for?
Need recommendations?

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