Friday, October 14, 2011


Usborne Books and More has come out with a new fundraiser called "Cards for a Cause." There are two boxes of cards to chose from, one for children's birthdays and the other is an all occasion mix.

I ordered both boxes so I could see what they looked like and was totally surprised at the quality. From the picture the box looks cheap, but they are sturdy boxes which come with a magnet closure system. The one with the all occasion cards in it can easily be reused and comes with sorters. Think of how easy it would be to just go into the box and pull out the card you need? I have a container where all my cards are kept and I have to shift through all of them to find what I want. But, with this box in hand everything is so easy to find.

I love the children's box because I think of how many times one of the kids had been invited to a birthday party at the last minute or I simply forgot to pick up a card. No, problem anymore just go to the box and find the appropriate card.

Each box will be sold for $30 each and they include 30 cards and envelopes. The all occasion box has the card and envelope sealed together in plastic, stickers are included with the children's box. Think about it that is a $1.00 per card and these are way nicer than the $1.00 cards in the stores.

You can view details here.

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