Saturday, December 31, 2011

Are Little Lies OK?

Photo Credit Laura's Psychology Blog
 Brett has asked me various times if he could get a Facebook, he was told no due to the fact you have to be 13. He pointed out how so many of his friends are on Facebook and they are not 13. I know the parents of these friends and I am kinda of shocked that they would let their child/children on Facebook and lie about their age in order to do so.

While this does not really seem like a big deal it is breaking a rule that has been set in place. By doing this it also tells children that under certain circumstances it is okay to lie. Should we then be shocked when our child/children breaks a law or tells a lie. In their young minds they can rationalize away the right decision just like with Facebook.

Now Brett is old enough to join Facebook and connect with his friends back in Tennessee. To my amazement, he says he no longer cares, but with some prompting from big brother he caves and joins. He is not on much and feels it is over rated and feels like he did not have for so long why bother. It just proves that sometimes we think we need something and as time goes by realize it is no big deal.

Children learn by our behaviors, what we say and what we do. We need to be good examples of the way God wants us to live, honestly.

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