Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Out of The Box 3

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 Well, I guess you can tell by the picture that I finally have gotten out of the box. But, it was not the school year of 2008-2009 however, I was getting there. I decided because the boys were only two years apart they could do science and history together. I, yes that is right me, because after all thus far it has been about what I wanted them to learn American history. Brett announced he had an interest in chemistry, which did not shock me, he loves science.

I set out to find something they both could use and found a web site where there was free curriculum for teaching American history. After much searching I decided to use Christian Kids Explore Chemistry, the boys loved it, every day an experiment. I dropped any type of Bible curriculum and we gathered together to read the Bible where ever the Lord led us. This was a blessed time for us and would sit, read and discuss for an hour, the time just ticking by as we indulged our selves in the world. I was amazed by Brandon's thoughts and comments and listened with delight what he believed the Lord was saying. It was a grand year for art, even Brett did not care for art, he is more athletic and Brandon let him know it. By using Discovering Great Artists I was able to help Brett let out with his inner creativity with out having to be artistic and the days of him leaving the table frustrated had been brought to an end.

It is now time for the new school year of 2009-2010 which was a challenging year due to your move. It also pushed me back to traditional text books due to my lack of time. This was indeed what I deemed to be the worst homeschool year we had ever had.

Okay, it is the summer of the 2010-2011 back to the text books, well to an extent anyway. I decided, yeap still me that the boys did not have enough knowledge still about American history. I had never until this point used Alpha Omega, but thought it was not a traditional text book and liked that it was set up as reading comprehension. For Brett I chose two living books which he enjoyed and would actually come to me and share  what he had read.

Science was a fly by night subject, we did some every now again, nothing structured. What is this no structure, tsk tsk, yes, I was finally loosen the reigns and giving them some room to discover their own interests. I have a shelf were I have placed books on numerous topics for the boys to chose from. The one that was the biggest hit this year was Tom Brown's Field Guide to Nature Observation and Tracking. This book gave Brett a new interest and he now indulges when ever possible. It is funny because Brett asked Brandon one night if he had any boring books that would help put him to sleep. Brandon handed him the book and said, "But it's really not boring." Brett spent the night indulging in the book getting very little sleep.

The two areas I struggle the most are math and English I feel this are very important and have not found a way to do away with traditional text books. So, now we come to the 2011-2012 homeschool year and I am dreading it, high school help!!!!!!! I spent my summer searching for any and all information I could get Lee Binz was the best thing I found even if I do have to pay to get the good stuff. She has taught me how I can use Delight Direct learning during the high school years, what a blessing. However, things are still pretty structured. Brandon started the school year using Konos which did not last long when I tossed it to the side and went off on my own along with Brandon.

World history by way of the Ancient civilizations was not cutting it with him, through Lee I learned how to take his interest in Ancient Japan and use it for a credit in world history. He enjoys Teaching Textbooks for math and also loves Apologia science. A big writer Brandon is writing a novel this will be used as credit towards English. He has also written various essays, learned about credited resources, how to brain storm and will learn how to create a bibliography We are also using Total Language Plus, The Swiss Family Robinson and will also, my boys still love to be read to, love it. Brandon is doing a study of Proverbs which he recently started after tossing Konos, no comments as of now. He is also doing game design, his big passion, art, communication and received a guitar as a Christmas present.

Brett has joined us with Total Language Plus, likes to watch the History Channel or read one of his books on Ninja's and their weapons, history. Science comes through watching educational television along with books located on the shelf mentioned earlier. He totally dislikes his Rod and Staff English he did previous to starting the Total Language Plus. Using Saxon math this digital communicator has deemed the book insufficient. Brett loves his Bible, I find him hugging it sometimes in the morning and he sleeps with it every night.

Well, it has been a long journey, but as you see I have progressed and enjoy watching my children learn about the things that truly give them passion. Are you stuck in the box? Are you working on getting out? Share with others how.

Sorry this was long, but I felt three posts on the topic was enough.

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