Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pi Day!!!

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It is Pi Day and Usborne Books and More has plenty of math products to help you celebrate.

My recommendation is for three books which are great for your reference library. These are great for students and parents who need a refresher course for a concept or to just to work through. All of these titles are internet linked which means more learning from internet links provided by Usborne.

The First Illustrated Math Dictionary is a new title for ages 6 and up at a cost of $12.99.
  • An ideal introduction to numbers and counting, specially designed for children in their first few years at school.
  • Clear and simple explanations with lively illustrations guide children and parents through essential math concepts.
  • Can be used as a dictionary, or to work through to build knowledge and skills step-by-step.
  • Includes internet links to the best interactive websites offering math puzzles, games and practice.

The Elementary Illustrated Math Dictionary is for ages 8 and up also for $12.99. Preview available.

 The Usborne Illustrated Elementary Math tells it straight and simple, explaining everything children and parents need in order to understand basic level math. This book will help to lay a firm foundation for confidence and success in math. Readers can dip in for quick explanations or work through by subject to build up knowledge step-by-step.
  • Clear Definitions of over 450 key terms and concepts
  • Hundreds of useful examples and illustrations
  • Links to the best math websites the internet has to offer

For ages 12 and up also for $12.99 is The Illustrated Dictionary of Math Preview available.

Everyone studying math needs this book, and it is an essential study guide when preparing for exams.
  • Over 500 definitions of all the key terms and concepts
  • More than 300 useful illustrations and diagrams
  • Over 100 worked examples
  • Comprehensive cross-referencing and detailed index
  • Internet links to recommended websites

Earned the Learning Magazine 2008 Teachers’ Choice Award for the Family

You can also purchase all three titles as a set for $35.99

One more title I have to tell you about because I think this is a fun way to learn math is See Inside Math for ages 7 and up also $12.99.

An amazing flap book that shows just how fascinating math can be.

Colorful double page topics introduce numbers, shapes and measuring, fractions, algebra, calculus and pi, and maths in everyday life.

EXACTLY 86 flaps conceal interesting facts and fun visual explanations that make abstract concepts meaningful.

With puzzles to solve and games to test calculation skills, and internet links to fun maths websites to find out more.

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