Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The We Do Listen Foundation

Photo credit: We Do Listen Foundation
 The We Do Listen Foundation started following me on Twitter, I always go see who is following, and sometimes check out their web sites or blog, depending. I am always interested in finding new free educational resources to add to my web site, Eduction Jump-Off, and was delighted to add this one.

Photo credit: We Do Listen Foundation
You will find free online books to help teach valuable life lessons, such as, fitting in, bullying, dealing with anger, and more. Each of the nine books has lesson plans, and posters. The lesson plans are simple with a discussion format, there are also six songs which I find a little fast done in a rap fashion. Books are available for purchase also, if you would like a hard copy, currently 60% off.

The main character for the stories is a bunny named Howard B. Wigglebottom, and the many issues he deals with, which mainly take place at school. Howard's friends help him with love and kindness to do the right things.

Children can also play games, be mindful that the spelling game is a little difficult. I had a hard time with the first one because you have to figure out what you have to spell. You can either type in the letter or click on it you have eight tries to get it right. The matching game offers three levels, and I also check out the music game which consists of three instruments with three choices of sound.

Photo credit: We Do Listen Foundation

I looked at the color and print your own book also where children can color online or print the pages off. The color your own book features various pictures of Howard, allowing the child to determine what they want to say about the picture, and create their own adventure.

These books were created by Howard Binkow and illustrated by Susan F. Cornelison.

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