Friday, July 18, 2008

Choosing Curriculum

I think maybe I should have wrote this blog first. It is very overwhelming when choosing curriculum this is true for not only those new to homeschooling but veterans also. There are web sites where individuals have posted reviews for the different publishers they have used. While this is a great resource you need to make sure both pros and cons are listed. Then it needs to be determined if the information applies to your families situation. For instance Saxon is a popular math curriculum which I used one year with my daughter. While it contained the repetition needed for making sure old concepts learned were maintained it lacked in providing exercises for new concepts learned. Not only was there not enough practice for new concepts learned a new concept was introduced every day. For children who are gifted in math this is a great program, but I would not suggest using this if you have a child who struggles with math. You see how I gave information on what I liked and didn't like and what type of child it would work best for? Those are the types of reviews that will help to make curriculum decisions.
Know how your child, this is important when choosing curriculum. If they are a hands on (kinetic) learner a text book alone is not a good choice. It is also important to know what type of method you want to use to teach your child. Fortunately there are places on the internet were you can go to find these things out, plus there are also books if you have the time to read (I don't.) I am including links for the places I have been which were useful to me, hope they help someone else as well.

A to Z Homeschooling

Here you will be able to read articles about the different learning styles and methods for teaching such as unit studies, unschooling, Charlotte Mason etc. Also includes sites to purchase used curriculum, support groups and much more. This site is the best site I have ever found for homeschooling, everything you want is right here. Bring your favorite beverage and kick your feet up you will be here for awhile.

Homeschool Reviews

This site has the most extensive reviews for curriculum I have ever seen. Not only are there many reviews to read there is a great deal of curriculum being reviewed.

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