Saturday, November 14, 2009

Homemade Gifts

I just came in from gathering kindling for tonights fire, as I was collecting I was noticing some really pretty leaves. I remembered that my daughter had a flower press from years ago and thought I would love to press some of these leaves and utilize them for homemade gifts. This idea came after I remembered a book I wanted to get for my daughter which included how to utilize dried flowers and leaves. It was then that I decided to sit down a while and see what I could find online. First I want to say that I found this site which gives instructions for making a homemade flower press, too cool!!!! I can have more than one. Before this site however I found one for making some homemade art, a big fan of modge podge I love this project. Conducting a search I am sure one can find more items to make, for instance I saw a link for making a tray. I love doing image searches for topics like this because it leads to some great sites. Due to the economy homemade gifts for grandparents are a great idea. One idea I have is utilizing the homemade art and putting a picture of the child/children or family in it and then decorating the perimeter with pressed leaves or flowers maybe even both. Children can decide which leaf or flower they want to contribute, makes for a wonderful keepsake and the children will love telling others which flower or leaf is theirs.

If you would just love to take a walk on a beautiful fall day and collect leaves and other items, I have included a link for projects just for kids.

Homemade Flower/Leaf Press

Homemade Art

Leaf Arts and Crafts

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