Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gift Jars

Gift jars are not only inexpensive, but there is so much you can do with them. When most individuals think of gift jars they think about those which contain some type of consumable goodies. However I am making one which will hold kitchen utensils. I will purchase them from the dollar store and utilize the ribbon to tie them together. I have already chosen my materials. First I picked out some scrap booking paper to decoupage onto my jar. After that I chose my acrylic paint and some ribbon for the top. As you can see I have already painted my jar and what is not seen is I have already started cutting out my pictures to utilize on the jar. In the past I have also utilized clip art, images from Google and stickers for jars. A small pair of scissors will be needed if anyone would chose something similar to mine. When painting the jar go up and down verses across, this will give the jar a more polished look. Deciding where images will go ahead of time will aid in a well balanced jar. Put modge podge either on the back of the image or the determined place on the jar, then coat the front of it as well. If stickers are used this step is not necessary. Once all images are placed on the jar go back and using up and down strokes coat the entire jar with modge podge. There are different types of modge podge I like the gloss luster for the jars. One year I was able to find some with glitter in it which I used for winter scene jars.

Younger children can have fun with this project also. This is where stickers work the best, although helping them with placement helps to ensure some balance. These jars can be utilized by children to store pencils and other art supplies as well. Personalize them by letting the child pick out the stickers for the jar.

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