Monday, November 16, 2009

Fall Foliage & Homemade Gift Boxes

I love the fall and crafting, after being inspired by a leaf the other day, the boys and I took a walk. We looked for leaves, flowers and fall foliage. The picture above shows all the wonderful things we found. I'm utilizing my daughter's flower press and knew she had pressed some things in there years ago. I needed to make room for my finds, but I did not want to throw them away and I was afraid if I tried to store them they would be ruined. Yesterday being Sunday and a day of rest I decided to utilize a box I had purchased a couple of years ago. I love to decoupage, so I got out my modge podge, took the dried materials and began placing them. There is still some room so I will wait until the other items are dried and pressed to finish the box. Once the box is complete I will spray it with clear acrylic sealer. This is a great project for older children and can make either a unique gift giving box or a gift it self filled with candy, or anything else the receiver may like.

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