Monday, November 16, 2009

How We Began Homeschooling

Everyone has a story as to how they came to homeschool, here is mine. I had one child at this time, my beautiful daughter born in July of 1991. I love her to death and have only her best interest at heart, I want her to do better than I had done at that point in my life. While I knew about homeschooling I did not know a lot, I was not into the new technology of the internet highway at this point either, so she went to school. Kindergarten went okay, I say okay because her teacher had some health issues and it seemed like there was a substitute in her place more than she was. I feel children need consistency and the teacher needs to know the children she is teaching, this was not happening. Do not misunderstand me I felt bad for her teacher who was in and out of the hospital, but this was my child’s first experience with school. First grade came and that is when things started happening which always turned me off about public education. It is the things like the teacher not seeing what happened between two children, yet taking one child’s word over another. The encouragement to humiliate another child enraged me when my daughter told me about the incident. At one point they carried her into the school kicking and screaming she didn’t want to go. My daughter started complaining after Christmas break about abdominal pain every night at bed time. I figured she was procrastinating bed time as children are known to do. After a week I told my husband I was taking her to the doctor because if there was a real problem I did not want it to go any further. The doctor said it was from nervous and the beginning of an ulcer, what!!! she is six years old. School ruined her, I sent a child there that I never saw again. That did it almost the end of the school year, but I pulled her out. One of my concerns before she went to school and the reason I considered homeschooling stays true today, I want to be the main influence in my children’s lives.

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