Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Cool Freebies

I love the fact that CurrClick offers freebies and below are the links to the two I downloaded.

I think the one for the Zero Sum Ruler will be helpful for math this year, especially considering this is my weak point.

The other one is a science video which discusses what Science Jim wants for Christmas one is ride on NASA's vomit comet. Jim shows some cool youtube videos of the plane which could lead to a whole discussion on gravity. He also touches briefly on an instrument called a Theremin. Lastly Jim shows us how to make homemade whipping cream or butter and includes suggestions on how to use it as a gift and customize it.

Be sure to check out the CurrClick website to see what other freebies are being offered. Just clik on the banner to the right on this page.

Visit the Zerosum Ruler blog.

Check out Science Jim's web site here.

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