Thursday, January 6, 2011

Internet Linked Books

Usborne Books & More has various books which are internet linked. What this means is you get more learning for your money. While the child may have read the book or had it read to them there is much more. Internet linked books have a box on various pages throughout the book. Inside this box it describes a link where the child can learn more about the topic on that page. For example in the Complete Book of the Human Body on page 31 you will find links for games and more about the skin.

In the series of First Thousand Words children are able to go to a site to hear the pronunciation of the words from the book. You will also find links to other sites about the country. These books are wonderful for beginning a new language and are for ages three and up. Younger children will also enjoy locating the little yellow duck hidden on each two page spread.

Click here to view more titles available from Usborne Books & More that are internet linked.

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