Saturday, January 15, 2011

About Story Time Felts

Story Time Felts was started by a homeschool mom as a way for other homeschool moms to not only teach with fun, but to also earn an income. You will not find this American made product in any store, it is only available through independent consultants. The product is meant to be sold through home shows like Tupper Ware or Pampered Chef. It is for this reason that many individuals do not have a great knowledge of this great product.

The greatest thing about the felts is that they are machine washable and color fast. Products come with literature which gives suggestions for use. Others may include coloring and/or sequencing pages which are reproducible. Some are availabe with CD's which is great for individual play and creativity.

Story Time Felts also incorporates multiple senses into the product aiding in the development of young children. They touch the felt as they place it on the board, hear the stories as they are read to them or while listening to the CD and they see the beautiful details and colors of the felt.

However, for me I view the fact that I can purchase things seperately the biggest up point of this product. This option is not available on the web site however, anyone could contact me to find out the cost of seperate items such as just the background, CD or pieces. Pieces are not one at a time, but come in sets. For instance Grandpa's Farm you can purchase 47 figures for farm play for $18.99 verses the whole set at $46.99.

Note: Prices were taken from an older catalog as an example.

Story Time Felts

Learning through the Senses

Flannel Boards

While the felt products in this video are not Story Time Felts you can hear how much the children are enjoying it.

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