Monday, May 16, 2011

Free Teaching Resources for Books.

While I conducted some research this morning for links to add to the theme part of my web site I came across a site called The Teacher's Guide. While I was looking at the other links on the page I came across one for book activities.

This part of the site is nicely organized by grade along with the title of books for that grade level. While researching I always like to click on various links/topics to see what is located there. I was surprised to find a place of grand resources for books.

Not only are there some such as the Magic Tree House series which brings you to the authors page, but also publishers such as Random House.

These sites and others offer teaching resources to go along with a vast number of books, many of them popular with homeschoolers and our children's interest. The next time you purchase a book or retrieve one from the library check to see if the author or publishers has a site for teaching resources. This would work especially great for books based on a specific topic or subject.

I did a search for a book I recently took out from the library and did find the author's site. While there were no teaching resources there was a page were he showed children how to draw a mouse and an owl. The publishers site (Atheneum) is part of Simon & Schuster which offers guides for reading groups on some of their books and also activity and/or coloring sheets on others.

You might be interested to know that the Magic Tree House is going to the stage. The above link will take to site where you can receive updates and more.


Experimental said...
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Mary said...

Thanks for the great links!