Friday, July 8, 2011

Thinking about Homeschooling High School?

If you are considering homeschooling during the high school years do not wait to get started doing your research, especially if you currently have a student in Junior High. Brandon is going to be so mad at me when Brett is equal to him in his studies, by passing him or already has scholarships for high school. Yes, that is right it is possible or Brett who will be doing 7th grade to get scholarships.

I have learned so much and wish I would have started this whole process sooner. Here are just some of the up points to homeschooling high school.

1.) Taking tests which the private/public schools do not offer or students take during their later high school years.

2.) By taking the SAT in their freshman year some students can begin earning dual credit from college classes. Dual credit means they obtain credit for both high school and college. Or it can give them idea where they need to work harder.

3.) Many homeschooled high school students finish high school by age 16, due the flexibility in their schedules.

4.) Many high schools do not offer classes in subjects which your student may have an interest in. These types of classes may ones that will aid in their future career or work to help earn them their electives.

Two of my favorite resources at this time are Lee Benz The Homescholar and Jean Burk author of College Prep Genius. Both are previous homeschool high school families who are sharing what they learned with others. For this I am truly thankful, they are both a true blessing to the homeschool community.

During my research I found very few sites or blogs on homeschooling high school so I made one. On Homeschooling High School I am sharing our journey as it moves along.

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