Wednesday, July 27, 2011

From the Knowledge Quest Newsletter

Boy this newsletter was jammed pack with information. If you do not have any of the Knowledge Quest products I highly recommend them.

Last school year I bought Blackline Maps of World History and Blackline Maps of American History during a clearance sale for an excellent price. I now have an extensive collection of maps along with lessons on how to use them. While you can not get either of these you can purchase Map Trek which took the place of the previously mentioned titles.

Chose one of four time periods for $14.95, Ancient World, Medieval World, New World or Modern World. Other products are available in this series which can be viewed at the web site. The main thing I wanted to share from this newsletter is that they have compiled curriculum guides to use Map Trek with, below is the list.

A Child's History of the World

Story of the World vol 1-4

Streams of Civilization vol 1 & 2

Veritas Press all volumes

Truth Quest Ancient 123, Middle/Ref/Ren, Age of Revolution 123 and American

Adventures in MFW, Creation to the Greeks, Rome to Revolution, Exploration to 1850 and 1850 to Modern

Ambleside Online years 1-11

Sonlight: Core 1 and 2, Core 3 and 4, Core 5 and Core 6 and 7

A Little History of the World

The History of the Ancient World and The History of the Medieval World

Ancient Civilizations & The Bible and Romans, Reformers & Revolutionaries

Exploring World History and Exploring America

These guides are all free and can downloaded from this page. If you have a suggestion for a curriculum guide there is a contact email at the bottom of the downloads.

The other item I purchased from Knowledge Quest was a history book called, "What Really Happened in Colonial Times." I love the fact that this series of books are written in a story format verses a text format. Brett really enjoyed reading this book, view this book and others from the series here along with downloading a sample.

Also you may want to visit their blog for a chance to win a ticket to the "Heart of the Matter Conference."

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