Saturday, July 30, 2011

Homeschool Curriculum Stores Online

I know everyone starts school at different times and some go all year round. However, if you are getting ready for the next school year keep in mind that various online book stores and authors are having sales. Also be sure to check the discount, bargain and closeouts.

I have searched the Internet and decided to compile a list of homeschool stores some of you may not know about. Visiting many sites for homeschool products since we started back in 1997 these are some I have not seen on other compiled lists. They also either have current sales going on or some type of discount category.

Lamp Post Homeschool Store has a nice bargain page and also includes a limited amount of older Bob Jones.

Homeschool Super Center has a clearance along with good prices.

Timberdoodle is a store I found long time ago I love the way their site is set up. If you go to science you have various categories to chose from making it easier to find what you want. They do have a sales and discount/close out page, but it is very limited.

R.O.C.K. Solid has a overstock and clearance page, you can also shop by vendor.

Tobins Lab is another resource I found at the beginning of our homechool days, I believe they were one of the first stores to carry lapbooking books. When the craze first started you could get a free sample lapbook with instructions, I still have mine. Includes a page for sale items and clearance. Wow, I just saw that they are selling the store, I hope someone is able to take over. If I lived in VA I would certainly being looking into it.

Home Science Tools while this store is strictly science related it is very extensive, plus you can purchase kits for most homeschool science curriculum. We have purchased multiple items from them and have been very happy with the products, customer service and timely delivery.

Nest Learning is a new store I found and purchased most of our new curriculum from them. Customer service was great, we had a small issue with our order and they were more than happy to fix the problem. I recieve their newsletter they always have some sort of sale going on and right now shipping is free for orders over $49.00.

Rainbow Resource has been one of my favorite stores to shop and their catalog is huge. But, that is because they also include reviews of the products which can be helpful. In the past they had some of the lowest prices around they since have gotten more competition. They also have an extensive clearance page. You are also able to look inside books.

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