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Black Friday Sale Usborne Books and More

Black Friday is book Friday!! The great thing about a book for Christmas is that it is a gift that keeps on giving time and time again.

I recently did a book fair for a Montessori school which I also did last year. One of the instructors was sharing how she had purchased some of our products for a child on her Christmas list. The child opened all the presents, but when she got to the books she said everything else was forgotten. Everyone looked at her, she said, like wow I can not believe what just happened.

You can get that same response from the child/children in your life this Christmas and starting at midnight November 25, 2011 you can do it for up to 50% of the cost. But, it gets better, this is not a one day sale it is a four day sale. Some titles have limited copies available for purchase so don't wait sale ends at midnight Monday November 28, 2011.

Some of the titles which will be included in this sale are Conspiracy 365 January an action packed book about a boy on the run from a group of individuals who believe he knows something about his father's death. My boys love this series, they are making a movie which the boys are also excited about. Note, this series must be read book by book, there are currently 12 in the series with an extra one due to be released in December sometime. Take a sneak peek here.

One Night at the Zoo is geared towards ages four and up. I have not had the pleasure of viewing this title, but you can read some of the reviews on the book here. I want to mention that this book is library bound which guarantees a stronger binding along with a guarantee from Usborne to replace it at any time for 50% of the cost unless of course the book is out of print. I want to mention that one of my customers, a long time fan of Usborne, has a book of ours which is hard back, ten years old and you would never know it, I was shocked to see the condition. Not because I don't believe in the product, but because it is located in the same Montessori I mentioned earlier and caters to small children.

Wind up Pirate Ship is a big seller for me, all the wind up books are always gone. The kids love them and so do the parents, this is a must have this Christmas for the pirate fan in your life. This book has fourteen pages, while I had this in my possession I have to confess I did not look at it. However, the others I have looked at contain three tracks which take up two pages, so I think it is safe to say this one is the same way, ages four and up.

Hannah's Winter is about a young lady who is relocated to Japan while her mother does some research on the gardens. I have previously blogged on this book and while I do have it currently I have not read the whole book which is geared towards ages 9 and up. It is fair to say that the book is said to have some supernatural elements contained within the plot. Read the reviews and a small excerpt here.

The last title which has been revealed to us, oh there is more this is only what the company has told us about, comes from one of my favorite series' that Usborne carries, See Inside Space. This is just one of the titles in this lift a flap series and children will love learning about space as they lift the flaps for pictures and information. Great addition to a unit study or for that space buff in your family. I wish I knew about this book when my youngest went through his space stage. This book is also internet linked which means you get more for your money with links supplied by Usborne on this amazing topic, you take a peek if you like geared towards ages seven and up.

For each customers that spends $60, before tax and shipping, Usborne Books and More will include with your order this 12.625"(W) x 13"(H) x 8.75"(G) eco tote free.

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